How to get my government gateway id

If you lose your User ID or forget your password, you can request it to be re-sent to you by calling a government department help desk for a service you are. This site may not work as expected. It is closing in March and services are gradually being moved to replacement systems. Find out which services have. Government Gateway is a secure online account for using government online services You'll normally be asked to create a password, and you'll get a user ID .

You can get help with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) services if you have problems signing in. Lost user ID or password. If you've forgotten the user ID or. Create a Government Gateway account If you enter an email address, HMRC can re-issue your User ID or provide you with a replacement password online if. To continue with this registration you must have a Government Gateway account. If you don't have a Government Gateway account one will be created for you as.

The Government Gateway is an IT system used to register for online services provided by the Government Gateway. From Wikipedia See also[edit]. Gov. uk. How do I register for a Government Gateway account? What if I already have a Government Gateway User ID and password? What if I lose my.