How to make standing spinning pencil

STANDING SPINNING PENCIL - ENGLISH - 30MB. In this . Learn about the physics of electromagnetism through this awesome hands-on #DIY experiment!. Balancing Pencil. Do you think you can balance a pencil using only magnets and tape? Discover how you can make a pencil stand on its tip by harnessing the power of magnets! and make your pencil spin! TEKS: C: The. Standing Spinning Pencil Shayna Duffy & Bobbie Jo Noblin Learning Objectives/ Goals Observe that magnets attract and repulse each other.

Magic Spinning Pen – A Magnet Science Experiment for Kids. Make a pen balance on its point and spin – using the power of magnetism! This is a fun science. Here's another fun summertime craft for your budding engineer - make a spinning paper pinwheel or fan! You'll need a C-battery, a toy motor, two soda caps. YOU NEED. Glue. STANDING SPINNING PENCIL. Rubber. Base. 4 pencils. Ring magnets Adjust the central magnet to make the pencil stand on its point.