How to play unpatched skyrim

Now that the latest patches have effectively ****ed up my framerate even though I' m running hardly any mods after a re-install, I'd like to be able. /sigh. Oh well. Reinstall it is. Backed everything up just in case. Now it shouldn't auto-update and hopefully I can still install. Ugh perfectly clean Skyrim, v and still 50 or less frames not even out of Helgen. This is pathetic. It has to be a patch that screwed with.

Playing Skyrim in the totally Unpatched Mode is really good. Naturally the levelling glitches are there but the overall game play is quite good. And that's ignoring the fact that a majority of those % bit Windows users have systems that can't run Skyrim at all or only barely at. Will I still be able to use mods on an unpatched version of skyrim? It would be cool to play around with stuff. Will the mod manager conflict / is.

It would just be something to play for fun as the very original game, don't necessarily need it, but Not sure why you'd want 'unpatched Skyrim'.