How to reblog on tumblr on chromebook

I recently got my chromebook and I was excited to use it, mostly to go on tumblr and tag some old posts on my blog and edit themes and other. Q. How do i reblog faster on tumblr? Tumblr is taking for ever so is there an easy and quick way .. "Quickly reblog something on tumblr from a chromebook ". Go to yours and press Customize, you can go and goodle Tumblr layouts .. " Reblog on tumblr for chromebooks?~i have a chromebook for school but on the.

IS THERE A WAY TO QUICK REBLOG ON A CHROMEBOOK??? help me advice We should make this the most reblogged image on Tumblr. Tumblr Shortcut keys Thought i'd help y'all out making tumblr easier to only while using the j,k scroll shortcuts); Alt+Reblog = Instant reblog. Here are 6 Tumblr shortcut keys that let you scroll, reblog, like, and queue your posts without using your mouse or touchpad on your Mac or PC.

Guys this is important. Does anyone know if there is a keyboard shortcut for reblogging on Chromebooks? Normally it's alt+click, but doing that on a. Tumblr keyboard shortcuts also work on its mobile app if you have a Bluetooth keyboard Fast reblog a post (Use with J and K keys). Alt + E. Tumblr quick reblog: Hold Alt key (or Option key for Macs) and click Reblog.