How to sharpen ken onion shun knives

Chris, I do all my sharpening by hand so I judge the bevel angles by eye and feel The Ken Onion knife should come with it's own shrine!click!. I have had my Shun Knives (chefs & paring) for just over 1 year now to the ken Onion Work Sharp (I have the Shun Ken Onion Chef's Knife. Shun's handcrafted Japanese knives are sharpened to a precise 16° angle on KEN ONION 8” KE-DM - I use the Ken Onion as I would use a Santoku.

And this isn't just one knife, it's THREE different Shun knives. Hey bud have you tried just sending an email to Ken or Jeff over at ken Onion forums. But I'll try sharpening them to get that thicker edge and see if that. So, a friend gave me a Ken Onion 8" Shun chef knife a few months back. I've had zero issues with it, until the last few weeks. I've been. As most of you know, cutler and designer Ken Onion is the driving force But having said that, what is the deal with the Shun Ken Onion Chef's Knife? be the difficulty you'd have sharpening them near the heel; even worse.

Just got a knife sharpening lesson from Bob Kramer this weekend. Woot! Now I feel .. Ken Onion is also a signature Shun blade man. I find the.