How to speak jive bible

These little usenet gems converted general text into "jive" or "valley" speak. We had fun with them. I had this great idea - Let's jive the bible! But, typing it in was. His name Nicodemus, an he was one leada fo da Jewish peopo. An I tell you dis too: Whoeva not born again Godʼs new way, dey no goin get God fo dea King.”. Jesus tell him, “You da main teacha fo da Israel peopo, an you no undastan dis stuff?. The Editors feel that JIVE TALK is here to stay and believe that this book is the most complete dictionary of Jive words BIBLE (n) The true!'acts. .

Calloway wrote such hits as “Minnie the Moocher” and “Jumpin' Jive. . Bible (n.) — the gospel truth. Ex., “It's the bible!” Black (n.) — night. The Jive Bible: Genesis 1 Religion and Philosophy. I'm not sure if I remember how to speak Moron. Quote this post in a PM · Nominate this. St. Paul wished his fellow-labourers to speak strange tongues: but I had rather speak Jive words with my under/landing, that by my voice I might teach oilier s.

I follow the acts of our Master and Saviour Jesus Christ ; and of the Apostle Paul, who saith in his doctrine to the Corinthians, that he had rather speak Jive words.