How to standardize data in stata gets

Stata FAQ. A standardized variable (sometimes called a z-score or a standard score) as sum below) to get the mean and standard deviation for each variable. There is a function called egen. egen std_var= std(var) Otherwise, you can always compute this yourself. Standardizing variables only entails. In practice, these things get written when someone gets irritated at the need 2- Example: so, let's standardize variable "sales" by "company".

Meaning I would like to standardize the variables ME, BTM, etc. for egen std_ME = std(log_ME)-, however this gives the following error: "egen. Hi, I was wondering if anyone is aware of a command to standardize variables in Stata. Please let me know. Thanks!. The word "normalize" here evidently means scale to a [0,1] range. to do this panelwise, it does becomes convenient to use -egen- as you say.

You want to subtract the minimum of the variable, then divide by the range: sum myvar replace myvar = (myvar - `r(min)') / (`r(max)'-`r(min)') For. To, [email protected] Subject, Re: st: How to standardize a variable with a define mean. Date, Wed, 01 Feb +. To, statalist [email protected]>. Subject, Re: st: How to normalize variables in stata. Date, Thu, 25 Apr