How to unlock wepons china rising

Here is how you can earn the new China Rising DLC weapon and gadget unlocks in Battlefield 4. There you see how to unlock China Rising weapons: Firstly you need to be rank 10 and be Premium Member and/or have China Rising DLC SUAV: Get a kill. The devs added five new weapons in the patch today. Here's how to get a Middle King. 10 Hours China Rising; 5 Kill streak; 1 Kill with SUAV.

Battlefield 4: China Rising is the first expansion pack for Battlefield 4. complete the assignments required to unlock the expansion pack's five weapons and use. China Rising is the first Expansion Pack for Battlefield 4. four new maps, one new game mode, a new vehicle, and five new weapons. are we able to unlock weapons like this now, or do we have to wait till december when china rising will be released, and actually i have.

We should also mention that before you can use this weapon, you must unlock it. First, you'll need the China Rising DLC, which is free for Premium members. As far as anyone knows, these must be done in one round for the weapon to unlock. So, for example the L85A2 one, you must get 3 assault.