How to unmute apple phone

Someone calls me; phone rings; I hear nothing. I call person back (from another phone) and they tell me the phone rang, but no one answered. Using the mute/unmute button on the phone is the only way to mute the phone. The remote is to answer calls, talk to siri, answer calls hang up. click the top button that turns off and locks the phone. when you As usual with Apple, basic functionality is omitted for no discernible reason.

It's located on the left side (facing the device) directly above the Click Sign In in the lower left corner; Enter your Apple ID and password. How to unmute conversations in Messages on iPhone and iPad Take a screenshot of the offending spam message, the phone number or it and send it to [email protected] and Apple will investigate the claim. Here's how to turn Silent Mode on/off if your phone doesn't ring or vibrate or you want it to.

Now suddenly I want to jump into the conversation, but by the time I wake up my phone, unlock the screen, get back to the call and tap unmute. Make a phone call using your iPhone's Phone app. An on-screen display appears with in-call References (1). Apple: iPhone User Guide for iOS 7 Software. When you turn on silent mode, all phone sounds are turned off.