How to untag pics on ipad

portion of the People subsection of the overview for updates from the Photos app in iOS 13 hours ago I've been really enjoying the iOS Photos app lately, particularly the People Album. It's pretty amazing, and convenient, that the iOS Photos app can scan every face in every image, then identify people and sort the pictures into their own respective People albums. Sometimes though. The People album on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11 syncs with the People album on Mac in High Sierra. Things you can't do in the People album on iPhone and iPad that you can do on Mac. You can, however, create a profile in Photos on Mac, which will sync with your People album on iPhone.

When someone tags you on Facebook in a post or photo, they create a link to your Timeline that may be visible to their friends as well as yours. Tagging may be. Select your father-in-law from the "People" album, tap the "Select" button in the upper right-hand corner, tap on the mislabeled photo, tap the. One of the most useful features in iOS 11's Files app may turn out to ta tagging files. Tagging lets you gather pictures, folders, documents and.

To remove a tag from a post you've been tagged in, click in the top right of the post and select Remove Tag. You can also remove tags from multiple posts at. Removing a Facebook photo tag is a painless process that typically takes Facebook makes it easy to correct photos by untagging individuals. iOS 10's overhauled Photos app now identifies faces in your photos. Once you put a name to the face you will have an entry in your People album for pictures of .