How to use downspout straps

Place a U-shaped bracket, or clincher, around the downspout at the first Tighten both screws into the wall using an alternating motion between each screw. Knowing how to attach downspouts to different siding materials can be very useful and in the holes drilled to apply clamps for securing the gutter downspouts. A look at gutters & Downspouts. I chose to use hidden fasteners that are held to the fascia with screws. Some of the options include screw and ferrule, fascia brackets, roof hangers with strap, or hidden hangers—the kind I chose.

Gibraltar's downspout strap features a white finish and lightweight yet strong aluminum construction. To install, use 2 downspout straps for each. Downspout elbows and extensions (may vary Downspout straps (average 1 per downspout) Please use gloves, protective eyewear and ear plugs to. You're right. I couldn't explain it properly in my OP. The downspout was connected to the wall using straps. The 2 straps are at different heights.