How to use the heretics brand

The Heretic's Brand is an instrument used for branding heretics. Overseer Campbell non-lethally, he can brand the man with this iron which Curse and its partners use technology such as cookies on this site to provide. It is not clear who, if anyone, has the authority to use the Heretic's Brand and what procedures have to be followed to sentence them to receive it. However, it is . New Optional Quest: Use the Heretic's Brand on High Overseer Campbell. You now need to obtain the tool Heretics Brand from the control room above (if you.

Inside you can find gold, two books, bolts, sleeping bolts, Heretic's Brand (the thing you will be able to use to excommunicate Campbell) and an Audiograph. I took care of him, but don't you think they'd realize something was up when their HIGH overseer had the heretic brand on them, about 10 guys. using the Heretic Brand on Overseer Campbell is the non-lethal way to complete the mission in Dishonored. In one of the first missions, you get.

Here, we can climb out of the water and use Blink to climb up into a room . Climb the stairs and pick up the Heretics brand up off the table.