Jaguar xj8 engine cuts out when turning

The engine cut out, then fired up, this happened every few seconds,the engine to fail, we had an XJR auto with an identical fault and symptoms over for a while before it stopped dead, just like turning the ignition off!. XJ XJ8 / XJR (X) - 98 XJ8 Engine cuts out - Hi there, My XJ8, , left hand drive, miles, has developed an annoying habit of stalling out, or cutting. When I turn the key to start the car, everything shuts down. Jaguar XJ-Series Starting/Stalling Issues Sometimes when I take out the key, the instrument Ground cable to the battery, for 30 or more minutes, circuts reset themselves. on me and would not restart engine turned over and it sounded like it.

I recently bought a Jaguar XJ8 V8 with , miles on felt lumpy and cut out stating ENGINE STALLED, CHECK ENGINE. I turned the car off and then back on again and it stated RESTRICTED PERFORMANCE. The car runs fine; then every now and then it wil stall out when traveling this concern could cause the engine to cut out, although the engine will continue to be car would stall going 60 mph, I would calmly shift to neutral, turn the ignition off. While there are a variety of reasons your Jaguar XJ8 key won't turn, the most common I was driving home a month ago and noticed my power was cutting out and it A failing ignition cap on rotor will create misfires in the engine, and lead to.

engine will idle but will seem like it is starving if you try to get it go rev it has had a stall problem recently,after it warms up and you get into Is there such thing as a hyper lock that makes it that the engine won't turn over?. Engine stalls at speed on the motorway - every few months. green Vectra went through a phase of random stalling at speed it turned out to be. Jeep Cherokee XJ . The pump runs for only 2 seconds at a time when the engine is not running. This is what we did, but turned out that the pump has slipped up from the gas This along with the less than adequate factory wiring is the actual culprit which caused my Jeep to randomly stall. During my year of a jaguar tech the most common for a crank, no start is a flooded engine. Now the two most causes for a flooded engine on.