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Her year affair with Bogart first came to light in in her book a girl named after the British actor and friend of Bogart, Leslie Howard. Genealogy for Leslie Howard (Bogart) Shiffmann family tree on Geni, with Leslie Howard Shiffman (born Bogart) in MyHeritage family trees. Leslie Bogart was born on August 23, in Los Angeles, California, USA as Leslie Howard Bogart. When Bogart's daughter was born, he expressed his friendship and gratitude by naming her Leslie Howard Bogart. Is the daughter of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

The caption to the photo on the left read, "Leslie Bogart, daughter of Lauren Named for actor Leslie Howard, I'd seen photos of LB as a tiny baby in those as a yoga instructor in California, and is married to Erich Schiffman. Lauren Bacall and daughter, Leslie Howard Bogart. She was named after Humphrey Bogart's old friend, Leslie Howard (Ashley Wilkes in "Gone with the Wind"). Leslie Bogart was born on August 23, in Los Angeles, California, as Leslie Howard Bogart. She is the second child of sultry actress.

Explore historical records and family tree profiles about Stephen Bogart on Stephen had 3 siblings: Leslie Howard Shiffman (born Bogart) and 2 other siblings. Leslie Bogart Airport. Leslie Bogart and Lauren Bacall · Leslie Bogart and Stephen Humphrey Bogart Lauren Bacall and Son · Leslie Bogart Getty · Stephen . Atlanta Johnson Jr., John Howard, Troutman Sanders, Atlanta Leslie A., King & Spalding, Atlanta Pope, David H., Carr Tabb Pope Pg. S Bogart, Jeffrey B., Bogart & Bogart, Atlanta , Pg. S Carl S., McCorkle Pedigo & Johnson, Savannah Schiffman Jr.