Marketwatch how to recognize a bear market

No one rings a bell when a bear market starts, but there are early signs, writes Michael Sincere. Many investing gurus are predicting a bear market in U.S. stocks. And many more are predicting new highs. How can you tell who is right?. This month is the 11th anniversary of the stock market top.

The Tell · Get email alerts Wilson describes current conditions as a “rolling bear market,” which began in February, and predicted that the. A gauge of bullish and bearish momentum in the U.S. stock market is ringing alarms for strategists at Goldman Sachs. The Tell · Get email alerts going to be a deep bear market,' Goldman's Oppenheimer told MarketWatch. The bull market in U.S. stocks is by one account the longest in history. But it may not be long for this world thanks to The Tell · Get email alerts.

The biggest obstacle to long-term investment success is “the dogma that you must beat the S&P during bull markets.” So writes Brian. Don't wait until the bottom of the next bear market to discover that you It's their job to identify market tops and bottoms, which is yet another. The S&P is stuck, for now, but the market could move decisively soon.