Mortarboard hat how to make

About to graduate? Interested in making a one of a kind graduation hat? Here's the article for you! Gather your materials. (see Things You'll Need section below). Make a Mortar Board to wear at graduation. Make a series of V-shaped marks in each strip. Glue the hat band to the mortar board (one of the squares). Apr 2, Want a cute graduation mortar board cheap and easy for grad parties or kid fun? Here ya go! The Boy graduated from Pre-K the other day, and.

How to make a tassel and graduation cap, mortarboard. Diy graduation hat maybe as an alternate drop with other table decorations and doubles as a weight . Learn to make a Graduation Cap - Arts & Crafts Graduation Crafts, Graduation Theme, .. image of Kids' Black Graduation Felt Mortarboard Hats with. May 23, The Man-Cub needed a cap and gown for his graduation ceremony. We had a leftover Confirmation gown (we actually had about 30 - so we.