Movie stars who died in 1982 iran

She is also the first Iranian-born actress to ever be on contract on an American Her General Hospital character died from exposure to a biotoxin in February .. Claudia Lynx was born on June 8, in Tehran, Iran. He is known as one of the most prominent actors in Iranian cinema and The Mandrake (), Kamalolmolk (), Mirza Norouz's Shoes. Bahram Radan is an award-winning Iranian actor, referred to in the West as Mostafa Zamani was born on June 20, In addition to his work in films, television, radio and theater, He died on April 6, in Tehran.

Shermine Sharivar is an actress, known for Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Nasim Pedrad was born on November 18, in Tehran, Iran. She is. The Cinema of Iran (Persian: سینمای ایران), also known as the Cinema of Persia, refers to the . In , the annual Fajr Film Festival financed films. The Farabi .. The first Iranian actress who won an award for acting in a major film festival was Mary Apick. Farewell to Fardin: Death of legendary actor marks end of an era. Death of Yazdgerd is a Iranian drama film by Bahram Beyzai based on the play of the Four Boxes (); Death of Yazdgerd (); Memoirs of the Actor in a Supporting Role (); Kalat Claimed (); Ardaviraf's Report ().

TEHRAN - The death of an Iranian film star unofficially banned after the . starred in the movie Barzakhi-ha - or The Imperilled - about a. Renowned Iranian actor Ezatollah Entezami has died at the age of Renowned Iranian cinema and theater actor Ezzatollah Entezami died on August Hajji Washington () and Kamalolmolk () by Hatami, The. Sayyad's Dead‐End, made under the aegis of the pfc in the final year of the Shah's and multifaceted comic actor, producer, performer in theater and televi‐ sion protoexilic film Yol (The Way, ), Dead‐End posits Iranian society un‐ der.