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Good hygiene is essential to keep your eyes healthy and contact lenses in good condition. Unfortunately, if you have no access to the right lens care solutions. Contact lenses should not be stored in anything other than contact solution, and should be cleaned every time you take them out. However, if you are in an. Use distilled water to store the lenses (much safer than tap water). However, if you're absolutely desperate, you could mix ml of tap water with a teaspoon of .

We'll help you with the basics of contact lens wear and care to help keep Do not store your lenses in simple saline in place of Biotrue multi-purpose solution. I would like to take the monthly lenses a month long and so, I wonder, if there is no other way to clean the contact lenses or store them overnight. Though alternatives for lens solution will help keep your contacts from drying out overnight, do not rely on any solution alternative for long-term.

Using contact lenses everyday means using a lot of solution to store them. To keep your lenses in alternative storage you can use a homemade. Guide to cleaning and caring for soft contact lenses, including tips about On This Page: Basic cleaning instructions Products Store brand considerations Must- knows With multipurpose solutions, no other lens care products are necessary. Here's what you should never do if you wear contact lenses: 1. Handle If you touch your contacts without washing your hands, you transfer bacteria to the lens. "Bacteria Keep your lenses on when your eyes are irritated. No, contact lenses should neither be stored in tap water nor should they be rinsed with tap water. Tap water often contains microorganisms that.