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Pope Alexander VII (13 February – 22 May ), born Fabio Chigi, was Pope from 7 April to his death in He began his career as a vice-papal . The Tomb of Pope Alexander VII is a sculptural monument designed and partially executed by the Italian artist Gianlorenzo Bernini. It is located in the south. In the Rome of Renaissance times, an ancestor of Alexander VII was known as the "Magnificent". The future Pope's father, Flavio Chigi, nephew of Pope Paul V, .

Alexander VII, given name Fabio Chigi, Roman Catholic Pope from to , was Pope Innocent X subsequently amde him cardinal secretary-of-state. Grandnephew of Pope Paul V, Chigi served the church as vice legate at Ferrara and as nuncio at Cologne (–51). During the negotiations leading to the. Era: Fabio Chigi was born at Siena in , the son of a distinguished family of bankers. Due to poor health that began in infancy he was educated.

Pope Alexander VI (January 1, – August 18, ), born Rodrigo Borja ( Italian: Rodrigo Borgia), Pope from to ), is the most controversial of the . Corrupt, controversial and by some accounts wicked, Alexander VI was and Richard Dawkins call for Pope Benedict XVI's arrest for "crimes.