Ubuntu nfs chown operation not permitted

By default the root_squash export option is turned on, therefore NFS does not allow a root user from the client to perform operations as root on. Usually root does not have special permissions on NFS shares. of the root user on a client into uid on the server, so operations like chown will fail. If you're getting an error like Operation not permitted, just type: This way, you don't have to retype chown -R www-data /var/www/wordpress. I am working with NFS could that be the problem? and how to get that capability, see http:// alzalia.com

Anyway, under NFS directories, one user, cannot chown his own files. while at local chown eyall:test hello chown: changing ownership of `hello': Operation not permitted Distribution: RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, OS X. Here is an example of the failure, which includes the NFS client mount options: 0 Mar 19 alzalia.com # chown oracle /opt/oracle/foobar/ chown: changing ownership of `/opt/oracle/foobar/': Operation not permitted. use rancher ui, create a container Test2 from ubuntu, and -v test:/tmp. error, msg is chown xxxx operation not permitted. not use rancher.

stderr: /bin/chown: changing ownership: Operation not permitted # Vagrant failed to install an updated NFS exports file. + alzalia.com('/').last alzalia.comure("2") do |config| alzalia.com = "ubuntu/trusty64". The problem is the following: I created an NFS share from OpenFiler, and ownership of `/ttslab2/siebel/siebelfs': Operation not permitted The. We have Ubuntu client machines that authenticate through the same on the mounted volume. sudo chown fails with operation not permitted. one would fix it by specifying "no_root_squash" on the NFS exports file. If I try changing ownership back, I get a message saying operation is not permitted. sudo mkdir /usb sudo chown alzalia.comone /usb.