Watch what happens live plead the fifth

Watch the full versions of Andy's favorites. Shaquille O'Neal says that he will not Plead The Fifth, so Andy goes in deep. As it turns out, Shaq could go in a lot. During a round of Plead the Fifth, actor Matthew Perry is asked about all things “ Friends”, including to play Shag, Marry, Kill, whether there were any sexual. The time has come to Plead the Fifth! Now you don't have to be watching Watch What Happens Live to play the beloved game, because a new.

The beloved celeb and Watch What Happens Live host celebrates the big than with a look back at Andy's infamous "Plead the Fifth" game?!. With Andy Cohen. Andy Cohen hosts a "Plead the Fifth" special, during which celebrities make surprising revelations. "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" is Bravo's late-night, Lindsay Lohan Plays 'Plead The Fifth' on WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE.

One of the simplest pleasures in this world is watching celebs squirm and share while playing the dishy "Plead the Fifth" as part of "Watch What. The 15 Most Memorable Moments From Watch What Happens Live! By . Remaining Time John Mayer and Dan Rather's Plead the Fifth.