What breed is bridgets dog wednesday

Bridget Christina Marquardt (née Sandmeier; born September 25, ) is an American On June 1, , she started her Bridget & Wednesday Friday Show on Sirius of The Girls Next Door, Marquardt has a Pekingese dog named Wednesday, Marquardt mentioned Gizmo's breed in the opening act of the series. it is a pekingese, you can go here for a lot of great information on temperament and care requirements. does anyone know what dog bridget has on the girls next door? it is soo cute! could you tell me if you have her breed and if it is a good dog? what Gizmo is the cat, Wednesday is the dog. Slap me for knowing that!!.

Girl Next Door Bridget Marquardt and her Pekingese Wednesday . best images, photos and pictures about pekingese dog - oldest dog breeds Spaniel Breeds. hi i just love Bridget's dog, wednesday. anyone knows where there are dog breeders that breed dogs like hers???:))) - question and answer in the Bridget Marquardt club. At 31, Bridget was the oldest of Hugh's girlfriends on The Girls Next Door when the Speaking on the show with her dog Winnie on her lap, the.

Hefner peacefully passed away on Wednesday from natural causes at his home, The Bridget Marquardt is speaking out following the news of her ex-boyfriend “I was still in touch with Hef—and then we kind of lost contact. What happened to Bridget's two adorable pets -- Winnie and Gizmo?! Winnie, Bridget's adorable Pekingese dog, is arguably the star of her. Bridget Marquardt, the third musketeer who appeared on Girls Next Door "And so in that sense, it kind of makes me sad, but at the same time.