What do colors on fitbit dashboard mean

@briannegreyWelcome, You will find Fitbit don't have consistency in their colours . When you drill down on the various tiles there are colour legends which will. Solved: I'm looking at the below screen, which I can access from the This Week's Activity and Steps tiles on the Dashboard: Some of the lines on the. My dashboard colors change color from gray to orange and yellow I assume it's associated either to my steps or the time of day. Anyone know?.

In the morning most dashboard items are teal (Active Minutes, Steps, Calories Burned, Miles, H20 Oz). What does the color Blue mean? * Track Exercise, Weight. Solved: The colors that I have seen so far are mostly red and yellow. But I've seen a green one too. Is it speed, stride length. It's not number of. What is the colour coding on dashboard what these mean and what I might expect them to change to when I do more? Yellow = This color means that you' re trying to reach your goal and you're almost half of the way.

Solved: What do the colors in the sleep tracking mean? If you click on the sleep tile on the phone dashboard, it takes you to screen where you. My apologies if this has been asked in a previous post I'm new to Fitbit and just got my Flex yesterday. I noticed that the dashboard has. For example, if your goal is 10, steps, three solid lights means you're To do so, tap it rapidly for one or two seconds until it vibrates and. and if a reset was successful. Use the following table to understand what each LED color indicates. What do the light patterns mean on my Flex or Flex 2? How do I use the Fitbit app to track my period? About Fitbit Flex 2.