What is ionized lens

Dragon Goggles Lens Guide. alzalia.com Dark Smoke NFXs Lumalens Amber X1 Lumalens Gold Ionized. Dragon Alliance have been producing high quality. i am looking to buy a pair of goggles and it says they have ionized lenses. what exactly does that mean? are they mirrored and what light. From night skiing to sunny pow days, Dragon offers lenses that suit all Ionized. Best for bright sunny conditions by adding definition and cutting glare.

Green Ionized. Dragon Green Ion Lens. Adds definition with a mirror coating to cut glare in brighter conditions. %. Bright Sun / Bluebird. Red Ionized. LUMALENS® is a color optimized lens technology offering ultra-high definition HARD COATING. Protects Lenses from Scratches, Wear & Tear. IONIZED. X2 REPLACEMENT LENS – YELLOW BLUE IONIZED · X2 REPLACEMENT LENS – X2 REPLACEMENT LENS – PURPLE ION · X2 REPLACEMENT LENS .

It was only $30 because it was on sale. That is better than I've seen anywhere else. I love the red ionized more than other lenses because it's the most reflective . Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Dragon Alliance NFX Replacement Lens, Pink Ionized at alzalia.com Read honest and unbiased product. The S / M MX Goggle Lens (Ionized) from Liquid Image is a small / medium size replacement lens for the Impact Series HD Offroad MX Goggle with HD Video.