What makes eyes red in pool

According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC), it's not the chlorine in a swimming pool that makes your eyes red and. Ever had bloodshot eyes after a day swimming in a hotel pool? It's not because of the chlorine. Think your red eyes at the pool are caused by chlorine? It may not be the chemicals in a swimming pool that sting your eye but urine say.

Long days spent playing in the water are fun, but the end result can leave you with blurry, red eyes. Knowing some basics—like how pool water affects your eye . For many, a trip to the local swimming pool also results in red, itchy eyes. So what's the reason behind eye irritation? Brace yourself — the. Your red eyes after swimming aren't coming from an irritation to the dye that's supposed to make pool water change color if someone pees).

The belief that swimmers' red, irritated eyes are caused by “too much chlorine in The red eye myth is linked to another swimming pool fallacy. The red, bloodshot eyes that people get after being in a swimming pool aren't The same reaction that causes painful eyes can also create. People who swim frequently may develop dry eye, where they don't the surface and edges of your eyes red, itchy, watery and uncomfortable.