What sort of cat should i get

Use Purina's Cat Breed Selector to find the best cat breed for you and your family. Choose your ideal cat breed based on your lifestyle preferences. Use OPTIMUM's cat breed selector to help find out which cat is best for you and your home. Take our short questionnaire to How energetic should your cat be?. Take our breed selector quiz to find out which cat or dog is the best fit for your lifestyle. We'll narrow down more than breeds for you.

Whether cats are completely domesticated is questionable, but it is believed that humans have bred cats for specific characteristics for the past 2, years. Thinking of getting your first cat? If your head is swimming with questions about male or female, adult cat or kitten, there is help for deciding. Cats are fantastic pets, but each breed has a slightly different temperament. Which one is the purrfect pet for you? Take this quiz to see what type of new friend.

Or maybe you are asking yourself, "what kind of cat is this?" Get some help making this important decision, choosing (or identifying) a cat breed, with this personalized Yes, I am not into watery eyes and sneezing if I can avoid or minimize it. If you're still longing to have a cat, there are some “hypoallergenic” breeds known to produce fewer allergens than other cats. Keep in mind, no breed is. Thinking of getting a new cat? What kind of cat would suit you best, what do you need to know and what can you expect when you bring them home?. Take a look at our light-hearted quiz to find out what cat you should adopt.