What time did apollo 17 launch transcript

Apollo 17 (PAO) Spacecraft Commentary. Raw PDF document courtesy Stephen Garber (NASA HQ) and Glen Swanson (JSC) (56 Mb PDF). PDF, Apollo 17 Onboard Voice Transcription-Command Module, January , pages PDF, Apollo 17 PAO Mission Commentary Transcript, 1, pates. "America" is, of course, the name of the Apollo 17 Command Module. hours that remain before launch and won't be facing any time-critical tasks until the later stages. . I do have revised times for the rest of the Lunar Surface Checklist .. on the PAO tape I used to insert times into the raw NASA transcript.

Apollo 17 was the final mission of NASA's Apollo program. Launched at a.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST) on December 7, , .. with a depiction of the Apollo 17 moonwalks using quotes taken from the official mission transcript. A real-time interactive journey through the Apollo 17 mission. Relive every moment as it occurred in + hours of audio, 22+ hours of video, +. 6 —The launching of Apollo 17 was temporarily delayed tonight—just 30 seconds before the scheduled lift‐off time—when trouble developed.

The title fades and another appears that reads "Apollo " Another male A clip shows the widely publicized shots of the Earth rising over the horizon of the Moon and the Lander being launched. Mission . The narrator says IT WAS TIME TO. In the Apollo 17 mission (PAO) transcript, the PAO states that (already) So, that by the time Apollo 17 is inserted into Lunar Orbit, the GET will. Video Transcript for Archival Research Catalog (ARC) Identifier National liftoff time of 32 minutes past the hour, the start of our launch window on this the mission to . Apollo 17 was launched at night, and even the old hands, the. In the earlys archivists began to compile transcripts of the Apollo missions. is taken from the Apollo 17 Lunar Surface Journal [ALSJ] at the time when the . were weighed so that Mission Control could calculate the launch trajectory.