Whats a basic white girl

Starbucks Uggs Lots of selfies Dog pictures I love you all over tumblr Heart emojis Leggings as pants Forever 21 iPhone Straightens hair even though it's. Noun: A white girl who loves uggs, Starbucks, leggings, white iPhones, selfies, instagram, heart emojis, Forever 21, tank tops and flipping their thin hair. Basic Bitch talking on a white iPhone with an obnoxious case: Hi girl! Did you see the latest episode of PLL (Pretty Little Liars) OMG it was, like, SOOOO juicy!.

A basic white girl is someone who jumps on the band wagon, but she thinks she's unique. Kind of ironic, huh? Do you think you're one of them?. There are some things the basic white girl can't help but do. This list will help you spot the inner white girl in anyone (even yourself), regardless. Rarely can one mention Starbucks in a group of teenagers without hearing the phrase. So what does it even mean? Urban Dictionary defines a basic white girl.

Some of the true signs you're a basic bitch (own it) - but don't worry, we won't tell Kate Moss. Have you come across the term “basic white girl” yet? It's pretty new, but have taken off and become a thing. That's because there is literally. I wish I could say, “I'm a white girl, so I'm allowed to throw these clichés around,” but I'm not. In fact I'm a black male, but it seems as if during my.