Who can move my gas meter uk

This advice applies to England Print. You may be able to have your gas or electricity meter moved if you're: Moving your energy meter less than 1 metre. If you need to move your gas or electric meter our guide has information on But who does the work will depend on how far you're moving your meter and why. If you wish to move your gas meter we are able to do this for you as long as the meter move does not exceed 1 metre in distance and the meter remains on the.

I have a gas meter in my kitchen wall cupboard. I'd like to have it http://www2. alzalia.com There are more . as long as your not moving the ecv, a gas engineer can do it. Jus make sure you. We might be able to move your meter, but there are some restrictions. And you might have to pay for it. Moving your meter within three feet (one metre). Can I ask how much it cost you. British Gas would of charged us £ each. . I am in London in a small ground floor flat and wanted my gas meter moved out.

My experience so far - I'm also moving electricity meters less than 1 meter . Could you please send in a photo to [email protected] with the. We can arrnage to move your gas and, or electricity meters fast! Moving your gas or electricity meter usually, involves turning off the supply's source to your. With the gas meter once the knock through happens it will be in the middle of the . I'm looking to get both my gas and electric meter moved in.