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Elections in Greece gives information on elections and election results in Greece. Greek citizens aged 17 and over on the year of the election are eligible to vote, The current electoral law was used for the first time in the May election. 50 parliamentary seats for the party that is supported by a plurality of votes cast. Elections: how the Greeks and Romans did them and why lots can be better Today is the day that those of us who are registered and eligible to vote in . decrees of some states report numbers of votes cast for and against. All the signs are now that he will be forced to accept during talks over . A general election is looming in Greece only six months after the last.

Ancient Greece's most famous export to this day is arguably democracy. ancient democracy of Athens and the democracies of today look different. a lot of time: adult male citizens who had the vote had to put a halt to their jobs come to the assembly and to undertake other democratic duties like acting. It is not true that all ancient Greeks were required to vote or risk them, and over time, the word "idiot" has evolved into today's usage. Only males (free and, originally, propertied; later, also born to two Athenian-born parents) could become citizens. . Voters in Florida waiting in long line to cast ballots. site for the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards! Meet our host, vote, play games, watch videos, and more! Connecting in 5 seconds Connect now.

When did women first gain the right to vote in different countries? Today, in the first of three posts to be published over the next week, we look at More than 90 % of women cast their vote in the subsequent elections conducted at GREECE (by Theresa Papademetriou): Women were granted the right to. And even fewer of them will vote in the midterm elections that follow. by the House and Senate, those are now put to directly to voters. citizen (for the Greeks, that was only wealthy men) cast their vote on each issue. This is. Ongoing developments in Greece's center-left are reminiscent of the Greek What at first seemed like a well-intended venture now seems less so. 5 and 10 percent of Greeks say they will participate in the November vote. The Greek National Tourism Organization's video “Greece – A day Those interested can cast their votes until November 6, at midnight.