Who sings santa baby first

Santa Baby" is a Christmas song written by Joan Javits and Philip Springer, sung originally by Eartha Kitt. The song is a tongue-in-cheek look at a. 6 days ago Instead, we display it first for comparison, with up to 14 contenders Many of us only recognize Eartha Kitt for singing "Santa Baby" and for her. Eartha Kitt's sexy version of “Santa Baby” has been imitated (Madonna, and Britney Spears come to mind), but it took Taylor Swift to put a brand.

She's the one who convinced Ally this was the song to sing; what other It's easy to forget that Eartha Kitt's first purred “Santa, baby” was an. Phil Springer, composer of "Santa Baby," is 91 and lives in Pacific parts of the South when Eartha Kitt first recorded it — is still a holiday favorite. Philip Springer first got involved with the song Santa Baby in , when he was they had to create a fictional BMI songwriter who they named Tony Springer.

"Santa Baby" is a Christmas song written by Joan Javits (the niece of Senator Jacob K. Javits) It is one of the few hit Christmas songs written by a woman. The video will bring back happy memories of the Xmas holiday when you first heard "Santa Baby" song. Have some family fun and sing along to the words and .