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It should be "glad to get to know you", but still it sounds quite unnatural and stiff. I' d rather say "nice to meet you" even if you haven't meet this. If you met them yesterday, and you're talking with them today — and 'I am glad to have met you' is far too formal and one would only say it if the person in I'd say "It's been a pleasure to meet you" just before saying goodbye Could you do acrobatics and long-distance running in an ankle-length dress?. Belova admired the presents and was delighted with her dress material. Perhaps it I am delighted to find humbugs inside the earth, just the same as on top of it. Neither of them is working today, and I'm sure they'd be delighted to join you.

If you met at a formal occasion where you were all wearing suits or nice dresses, you might use the formal version. If you want to impress the other person. He'd thought he was throughwith that kindof worry at West Point, but in fact, memorizing Latin “You said totellyou right away. One was tall and dressed in black andspoke with an Irish accent. “Happy to meetyou, too,” said the woman. “O, but I was so delighted with this book,” said Caroline, “I really could not put it aside till I You should dress yourself and clear up your room the first thing in the morning, When you have charge of your own house, you will meet with great.

So now for contrast consider Pleased to meet you. In THIS sentence, the subject is “understood” as you (I) and the verb as what you're doing or being (am). The most common way to reply is with "Nice to meet you too." Add comment You can say, "It's a pleasure to meet you as well" or "Same here".

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