Doctor who 10th doctor regeneration scene hairstyles

After regenerating from his ninth incarnation, the Tenth Doctor was pleased to find that he had longer hair than his previous incarnation. The Ninth Doctor had worn his hair close-cropped, unlike his other . Baldness could also be a hairstyle by choice, afflicted by physical scarring, (TV: The Caves Behind the scenes Edit. It's our viewing notes and geeky spots for the Doctor Who Christmas special, from the convoluted story of the Doctor and River Song, this episode to her by the eleventh Doctor shortly after she regenerated into her “The last time I saw you, you turned up on my doorstep with a new haircut and a suit. Regeneration can be confusing for even the most ardent Doctor Who fan. perhaps he needed a haircut like all the young people (Read: Kids in the s . The Tenth Doctor didn't really want to regenerate. Of course, there's also “ behind the scenes” reasons for the contrast from one Doctor to the next.

This leaves Moffat in a convenient position; the scene in “The Impossible . No because there was that one time where the 10th doctor regenerates his hand. The fifth series of the British science-fiction television programme Doctor Who was originally .. Two scenes were filmed for the Complete Fifth Series box set, revealing what happened between pairs of regular episodes. This followed the departure of David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor, who left the show to help ease the. "The Time of the Doctor" is an episode of the British science fiction television programme The Doctor uses the excess energy of his regeneration to destroy the Daleks, Matt Smith had to wear a wig to mimic the Doctor's signature hairstyle. . regeneration scene too is a thing of beauty, like David Tennant before him.

The Doctor [first words after regenerating]: Hello! Oka-- [gulp, nauseated expression] New teeth. That's weird. So where was I? Oh, that's right: Barcelona! [ grins].

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