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Doctor Who episodes (–). Arc of Infinity is the first serial of the 20th season of the British science fiction television series. Arc of Infinity was the first serial of season 20 of Doctor Who. Janet Fielding Colin Baker made his Who debut in this story, playing Commander Maxil. Just over. Rondel, known anciently as the Arc of Infinity, was an inter-galactic region of space devoid of all stellar activity. It was the former location of a collapsed Q star, .

On Gallifrey, someone on the high council is perpetrating a treasonous act - transmitting the Doctor's bio-extract from the space/time matrix to an anti-matter. All about Classic Doctor Who story - Arc of Infinity - Antimatter in Amsterdam. May contain alien chicken. - Index. Product Description. Doctor Who: Arc of Infinity (Episode ) (DVD). Traveling with Nyssa in the TARDIS, the Doctor is attacked by a malign entity -- a being of.

A page for describing Recap: Doctor Who S20 E1 "Arc of Infinity". Beware the Nice Ones: Nyssa shoots an awful lot of people in this episode, and even pulls a .

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