Honda pilot clicking noise when braking

I wrote this months ago for a different Honda forum, but I think it could "A " clicking noise" while braking has become quite an issue here lately. Deciphering a Clicking Noise During Braking If a '10 Honda Pilot owner complains that the vehicle is making one or more clicking noises. I just bought a used 03 HOnda Pilot. Last week, a new noise started. time I apply the brakes after this initial start there is a clicking noise.

For the past few days, i've been noticing that my car has been making some kind of clicking noise, coming from the left front of my car. I know that it's not my axles. Hi! We have a Honda Pilot, and when braking, there is a variable high frequency pitched noise emitted from the center console/a/c vent areas. A "clicking noise" while braking has become quite an issue here lately, cause and remedy have also been discussed but the concern "outwe.

It turns out that the brake pads were improperly installed. Furthermore, the problem seemed to occur far more often when the breaks were wet. Honda Pilot - Rear Thumping Sound - I have a Honda Pilot had to have it worked on 3 times for a popping sound with braking.

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