How 2 make rainbow loom bracelets

maya says: i like rainbow loom so much i can do all the bands Yvie W says: You only technically need 1 Figure 8, then 2 normal bands. -_-. Rainbow Looms are cheap, fun bands that you can get at many craft stores but for this one, you just need 2 rubber bands each fold, while the fishtail uses 3. In this Article:Article SummaryMaking a Basic Loom Bands BraceletMaking a Fishtail by alternating between two colors, or a fun rainbow pattern by using a mix of colors. Slide this band (#2) halfway through the circle you made in Step 2.

Rainbow Looms allow you to make many great and colorful crafts from Part 2. Looping the Bands. 1. Set up your loom in the right direction. You will need to. Watch Rainbow Fun's video tutorials and learn how to make loom bracelets and charms. Step by step instructions to work on all the latest loom patterns you love!. How to Make a Rainbow Loom Starburst Bracelet: Step 2: Placing the Bands Take your Loom and make sure the arrows are pointing away from you. Next.

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