How long can facebook comments be

I can't find an official source, but according to this website, the size of a " is_transient": false, "error_user_title": "Comment Text Too Long". What's the maximum length of a Facebook comment? But unless you're Talky McTalk, your average comment will be far less than Want to know if your Tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn Updates or If your headline is too long, Facebook will cut it off and show an ellipses.

If you have not received a notification about this in your support inbox, the block will last between hours. You should have also noticed warning messages . Temporarily blocked from making public comments actions further, NOTHING from FB about why this was happening, how long the block will last- NOTHING. There isn't a way on the Platform for mass deletion of posts/comments. You would have to do it one post/comment at a time. For posts you have made (on your.

want to see ALL old posts and comments! News Feed i am looking for a specific one, and it is earlier than the earliest that will show up in the timeline. I am temporarily blocked from making comments because someone said my posts were spam. How can I fix this and can I find out who said my posts were. You can turn off commenting to prevent people from commenting on an individual post. When you turn off commenting, any comments that are currently on your. I have been using Facebook since and now applied for a new job. I might have said some inappropriate things through these 8 years of having a Facebo.

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