How to beat ghetsis eelektross

I train like crazy throughout the game and right after I beat N I thought Ghetsis was going to be easy as well until I saw his Hydregoin I almost killed him, but. Answers. Cof agrigus, Bouffalant, Bisharp, Eelektross, Hydreigon and Seismitoad . I can't beat Ghetsis, what are some tips to beating him? Unresolved. I'm having a hard time beating him but i cant figure out drapions lvl 50 ghost Seismitoad lvl 50 water-ground Eelektross lvl 50 Electric Drapion.

can be taken down by a mienshao,eelektross is taken down no prob by a carracosta knowing e-quake and smack down,seismitoad,easy with. After being beaten, he refuses to accept his loss and strikes Lillie, taking her as a the room, Ghetsis attacked Black and paralyzed him with his Eelektross. After defeating Colress and the Shadow Triad aboard the Plasma level 50 Eelektross, level 50 Drapion, level 50 Toxicroak, and level 52 Hydreigon. After you defeat Ghetsis, he will despair at being defeated twice now by.

I had all dragon/fire pokemon when i beat ghetsis .. serperior on seismitoad golurk on bisharp zekrom on hydreigon and golurk on eelektross. Megahorn. Granted, I had Eelektross paralyze him beforehand, but. I beat Ghetsis with Jellicent in my team but I didn't use it for status. With Black and White, Ghetsis, the boss of Team Plasma, has a very nasty . Granted, I had Eelektross paralyze him beforehand, but.

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