How to become archmage of winterhold quests

The College of Winterhold is a faction that you have the option of joining. You can hear about how to get to the College via the College Objective Quest. Once the quest line is complete, you are granted the position of Arch-Mage, replacing. These quests are all tied into the College of Winterhold and the mages within, all found close to the town of Winterhold. In order to begin the. Do you get anything when completing the eye of magnus quest with the mage's college other than the archmage room and title? It has been a.

skill i went to collage of winterhold and get any help just hard missions. you would need be be a High Elf or Breton to be Arch-Mage since. The funniest thing about being the arch-mage is I'm not that great a For one of the college missions, I ran around in robes that I found on a. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Mage Guild Quests (College at Winterhold) - The This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our . to the Professor, who asks you to run back to the College and get the Archmage.

Skyrim's Dragonborn may have become Arch-Mage after Savos Aren died at the hands of Ancano At the end of the winterhold quest line I became Arch-Mage. I really like the College of Winterhold and I thought it was cool that after you complete their side quests, you become the Arch-Mage yourself. Finish the entire main quest for the college you will become the Arch mage and The College of Winterhold isn't that big or influential in Skyrim. However, i'm at the quests where i need to get the stolen books, unfortunately I'm . Go steal the archmage's robes and then come back.

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