How to block mount canvas prints

When printmakers think about canvas, they often think about stretching, but Mounting canvas prints is an exciting alternative. Here's how it's done. No doubt you've heard about block mounting and may have even been advised to block mount your print or poster. But what exactly is block mounting and is it. Blitsdruk in conjunction with George Picture Framers offers a block mounting All canvas prints are created by utilizing high quality canvas material and then.

It's essential that you have enough overlapping canvas to attach to the back side . Can a canvas print that one stretches on a frame be mist sprayed to make it. In this practical guide by John Jones we run through step-by-step how to stretch an artist canvas. John Jones stretch, seal & prime canvases for major artists. Block Mount Prints. At The Framed Picture Company we don't just produce great framed pictures, we also create high quality Block Mount Prints.

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