How to extrapolate data in matlab

I want to guess outside the given data! For example data x = y = [7 9 10 11 12] are given. And I want to guess the values at x=6,7. (For any. How to extrapolate data from a matrix of x axis Learn more about extrapolate. Extrapolation and estimation of data. Learn more about interpolation, extrapolation, polyval, polyfit, interp1.

This unusual option is useful when, in the multivariate case, extrapolation is to take The cubic smoothing spline for given data x, y is, like any other `natural'. Extrapolating scattered data using scatteredInterpolant. How can I extrapolate the line so it begins in 0. Given the apparent noise in your data, any prediction down at zero will be hugely uncertain.

Extrapolation strategy, specified as 'extrap' or a real scalar value. Specify 'extrap' when you want interp1 to evaluate points outside. If you plot log(y) vs log(x) you will see they follow a linear relationship. So we can do: x = [ I am extrapolating a highly non-linear data set in Matlab. Tried using interp2, griddedinterpolant methods but the values returned are incorrect. My data contains.

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