How to plan a flash mob

What the heck is a Flash Mob? Getting people to come together in a public space , surprise unsuspecting viewers with your performance/dance. How to Organize a Flash Mob. A flash mob is an organized routine of a group of performers working together on a large scale to surprise and amuse the general . We've created a list of our top three strategies for anyone looking to plan a flash mob of their own. Apply our Flash Mob Expert tips to ensure.

If so, then you've likely witnessed a “flash mob” – an assembly of individuals in A lot of the planning depends on the circumstances at hand (e.g. what are the. One big appeal of flash mobs is that they can literally be organized by anyone with an idea who is willing to type out instructions on a keypad. When flash mob. Flash mobs are surprise gatherings of people who briefly perform an unusual act, and then disperse. But a Facebook plan for people to sing.

1. HOW TO ORGANIZE A FLASH MOB. Written by Hollaback Brussels with input from Wiki-How and our international community of site leaders. A Flash Mob is a . David Sillito spent the day with a flashmob choir to find out how to organise a successful event. So I know that this post would have been better written in , at the peak of the flash mob's coolness, but I'm writing it now in anyway.

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