How to play leblanc vs yasuo

LeBlanc's highest win rate Core Build against Yasuo LeBlanc's highest win rate Skill Order against Yasuo. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 17 . It can allow you to bypass wall to Q+E (level E) and it is extremely easy to outmaneuver Yasuo's tornado. Report. Submitted By nocrown. Submit a Counter Tip. 7. Try to use your E on LeBlanc, so when she creates mirror images, your E's marker will be still on her and you will be able to use her decoys as gap closers and.

I love playing lb, but I tend to have issues with itemization against yas. Yasuo vs anyone, the answer is always the same - Play around his. A matchup usually easy for me is against Yasuo, but what usually . I don't play as LeBlanc and I'm not very good as Yasuo so there's not. I just picked up yasuo, and before this annie was my only mid. I never CS under tower until you can get at least your shiv then look to roam and make plays. If you have serious trouble Vs her consider a hexdrinker.

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