How to prevent texting the wrong person

What To Do After Texting The Wrong Person. Mrinal Saha But there few less knows ways to minimize damage or prevent it in future. Texting is a very practical way to communicate with others and most of us have grown so used to sending texts from our mobiles that we can type quickly. When you send a text to the wrong person and it's about them One woman told me she texted a man she was about to break up with: “Hang on I'm It pays to keep your windows uncluttered, too; you're less likely to post in.

texting Sending an email or text to the wrong person is embarrassing! Moreover, it can be a personal and, in some cases, a professional nightmare. You'll send emails wrong person or accidentally make a private post Rather than telling his date, he sent a text message to another friend. I use Android Jelly Bean. Is there a texting app that warns me if I'm sending a dirty text to the wrong person? My GF and I send each other stuff.

How to stop messaging the wrong person error on e-mail or in texts; Sometimes the results are embarrassing; other times they're close to life-. This, however, would not be a guarantee that the person would follow the instructions, and would not prevent the person from disseminating it to others, so hope. DoubleCheck helps you avoid sending text messages to the wrong person · Jeff Benjamin on November 8, 17 comments. DoubleCheck. Have you ever inadvertently sent a text message to the wrong recipient? I think we all have. After auto-correct confused her words on a text message to an a curfew on their phones to avoid sending messages until the allotted grace.

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