How to use tattoo shading needles

Fire up your tattoo machine. Ensure that you are using a machine that is appropriate to the tattoo and made for shading. Use a needle type and. This post is all about tattoo needles, how to use them, which Weaved magnums are used for shading, blending and coloring large areas. How to Use a Flat Shader Tattoo Gun. Creating a tattoo requires more than a tattoo gun and some ink. Different types of needles are used for different areas of .

You'll use tattoo needles more often than any other item. You'll need Round needles are marked RL (Round Liner) or RS (Round Shader) for short. You'll. Black shading can be so attractive that some tattooists use this style exclusively. The tattoo machine should have the four or six needle shader bar set-up. Magnum tattoo needles are also called magnum shaders because each shader is made of tattoo needles either stacked in rows or clustered.

A liner needle is an ideal tool for detailed, intricate work. The user should never set the tattoo liner machine as a shader, and similarly, they should never use.

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