How to win thunder snail

Thundersnail is a minigame that the protagonist can play at Napstablook's snail farm in Waterfall for the price of 10G. If the yellow snail manages to win the race, the protagonist only receives 9G back as Napstablook needs to make a profit. To win 30G consistently, encourage the. I just thought of something . if you mash encourage in the race the third snail wins! What if you get the second and third snails to tie?. Yup, it's possible. The trick is to not overdo your cheer inputs; you need to space them out a bit so your snail doesn't get overwhelmed (a good indication is doing.

I spent quite a while, first spamming the cheer, then not cheering, and then on occaision. but I couldn't win, is there another way? can it be. and by "winning," I actually mean taking second place, for farming the 30G prize. First, a rundown of how the encouragement mechanic works: *. Since the entry fee for Thundersnail is 10G, winning only nets you 9G, as Napstablook "has to make a profit somehow." However, if your snail.

Hey guys. How to win Thundersnail race?? My snail only knows how to catch fire. How does babby formed? Encourage it, but not too much. Yes. You get nine gold. They have to make a profit somehow. Popular Pages. Clay Chara Figurine Thingy. Clay Chara Figurine Whoa I'm.

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