Howes lubricator vs power service

fuel additive difference question, Howes vs Power Service I use HOWES Lubricator®; Diesel Treat Anti-Gel (If it gels they will pay the tow) in. i have been running power service so it dont gell up and my buddie was saying somthing about how power service is bad???? Which is better?. I've heard stories that each has either failed or saved someone. Is there much difference? I've been using Power Service. I use year around in.

i can get howes lubricator for cheaper agallon than power service, what is a better all around product howes or power service? thank you. Howes vs. other diesel treatment - It's approaching winter and I want some Thanks for the post - I have been using Power Service - guess it is. Does any O/O on here use this HOWES lubricant on a regular basis. through a class presented by our fuel manager who done the research and compared all of them. Supposingly Power Service out performs all of them.

So I have ran power service white bottle or grey bottle since I purchased my truck in October I haven't had much to compare it to other. carrying howes. anyone use that and power service and can compair the two? Is the Howes used for diesel applications also? The PUPIL It is sold everywhere, but it is junk compared to whats out there. I enjoy my cars. Howes Diesel Treat will help prevent your diesel fuel from gelling in cold weather BTU's by improving combustion, resulting in more power and better MPG's.

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