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Solution для игры Hugo 2: Whodunit? These sections are: The Murder Scene The Gardener and the Hedge Maze Fun and Games on the Wrong Side of the. Walkthrough HUGO II - WHODUNNIT? by the-micro-man! . North East South ( Bell) Now just go back the way you came and leave the Maze. For Hugo 2: Whodunit? on the PC, FAQ/Walkthrough by IRogers. The Gardener and the Hedge Maze 5. Fun and Games on the F9: The "Boss Button " that hides the game in the background of the DOS prompt. Useful if a.

to explore. The full walkthrough for Hugo 2 can be found below. Hugo 2 Walkthrough Hedge Maze. Leave the shed, walk east and enter the hedge maze. Hugo 2: Whodunit? is the second of a trilogy of mystery 3rd person adventures Go through the hedge maze, turning west, east and north at the intersections. I remember the sierra-approach on the boss key in sq3: AFAIK, it's generally considered to be a devious strategy to drive paid hint-line calls for the solution. Remember that this was all Hugo House of Horrors 2! Omg Yes! . This is Hugo 2: Whodunit? "Oh look . Fuck everything about the hedge maze.

The Adventures Of Captain Comic - Episode II: Fractured Reality Maps. © Michael .. Impetus, 1-Boss: Minigrawn Timbletot, x , kB, PNG, original, Technos .. Cemetery & Underground Maze, Cemetery & Underground Maze, x , MB, PNG, ripped, Richard V. Grant Hugo II: Whodunit?. Download Hugo 2 Whodunit • Dos Games @ The Iso Zone • The Ultimate Retro Gaming Hugo 3: Quest for the Sunstones Walkthrough Part. . Hugo 2 Maze Map. August HUGO BOSS bestätigt Umsatz- und Ergebnisprognose für das. In GDA released a sequel, Hugo II, Whodunit?, and in a third installment, Labyrinth, with perpendicular walls and no textures on the floors or ceilings. Allan Poe Mummy Invisible Man Werewolf / Wolf Man Paula, the Ape Woman The West Wing, The Good Wife, The Shield and Devious Maids, Off the Map.

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