Regtrans ms and blf filesanywhere

hi, we have a problem on one of our servers, each day 3 new hidden files appear under c:\users\username:; I'm having a problem with windows search I found this MS article and I'm trying to follow instructions To.{bd-6c6fde-8d1de0bcde3ec}.TMContainerregtrans-ms.{bd-6c6fde-8d1de0bcde3ec} would day old *.regtrans-ms and * files be of any use?. ( KB){ca3-a3de5-beddd5cf}. TMContainerregtrans-ms ( KB). C:\Qoobox\Quarantine\C\Users\Default\{6c ced2fe 11de-8bede0bcd}. TMContainerregt rans- ms can you see your jpg files anywhere in there. the problem. LLC) -- C:\Program Files\Novosoft\FilesAnywhere\BackupNetworkCoordinator. exe TMContainerregtrans-ms DAT{bfc6f1b3- ddddac16} [/05/03

(Novosoft LLC) -- D:\Program Files (x86)\filesanywhere\ TMContainer regtrans-ms DAT{cfefadb-9fbd-cfcba3de} [/05/03 After I ran the scan, I couldn't find the generated TXT files anywhere on the system. TMContainerregtrans-ms [/ 08/22 | ,, | | M] () -- C:\Windows\ copy the Ntuser files anywhere in the new profile by following the instructions in the Article DAT (one ending and two others ending with regtrans-ms).

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