Shortest name of a place where football

This is a list of short placenames with one or two letters. Contents. 1 One-letter place names . (Other than Mount E this is the shortest place name in Japan in both Japanese phonology and orthography. All other Japanese place names in this. The shortest city or town names in most states have names with four letters or fewer, with one exception at seven letters. This doesn't come. Are they the longest and shortest names that have ever played for Everton? I feel there He never really got a regular place, decent squad player. Went to Longest name on the back of a football shirt - Football Shirts News.

the shortest name in the british football league is Bury. Are any football clubs in the English leagues are not named after places? Aston Villa, Tottenham. Claudio Bravo is the joint-shortest goalkeeper in the Premier Football Manchester City have officially signed Bravo from Barcelona for. There is a river (really a small stream) called O Brook in Devon. There's also a river called E in Scotland. You can't get any shorter than a single letter.

Comparatively less attention has been paid to the world's shortest names. In book from [29]; it lists a few one-letter place names, but alas no names of people. . American football player Cornelius R "C. R" Roberts usually goes by his. 24/7 Wall St. set out to discover the country's 50 shortest town and city names by reviewing all incorporated towns, cities, and villages listed by. The Football League has existed for years and at its peak in the early s With this has come the rise, and fall, of some obscure names. 25,, Fleetwood is currently the smallest town with a Football League team. PETER CROUCH may be the obvious guess for tallest player in the Premier League, but the Stoke City forward misses out on the accolade by.

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